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Bringing your bike in

Our mechanics will do an on-the-spot check up to look for any small or bigger problems that may need to be worked on. We cover all the key areas of your bike.

We do this check for all bikes and trikes, children's or adult's.

That way, we can be sure you're offered the level of service or repair that you need (and can afford) to get back on your bike, and give your ride the attention it deserves.

We check that you're happy to proceed with the work before we crack on and fix up your ride.


Bike services to get you back on the road, smooth your ride and extend the life of your bike.

Standard service fix up


Full service fix up


If we spot something wrong

If we spot anything that needs fixing or replacing when we service your bike, we'll tell you. And we don't do any work without discussing it with you first.


Common repairs are listed with our prices below. Parts are not included and will be quoted in advance.

Wheel only puncture


Front wheel puncture


Rear wheel puncture


Gear adjustments (per mech)


Brake adjustments (per brake)


Hydraulic brake bleed (per brake)


Chain replacement


Cassette replacement


Headset replacement


Bottom bracket replacement


Fit grips


Fit pedals


Fit clip-on mudguards


Fit full length mudguards


Fit rack


Tape handlebars


Important information

These repair prices are estimates based on the typical work needed to repair your ride. If you want to fit a more expensive part, or your repair is particularly complex, the price will change. But we'll let you know beforehand.
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Pay-it-forward bike repairs

Not everyone can afford to get the repairs they need to get back on their bike or trike. If you're happy to add £1 to your service or repair, we will put it towards minor repairs for those that can't afford to pay.

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