Phase One – Fix Up

Phase One – Fix Up

In February 2017, a group of Levenshulme locals started mooting the possibility of trying to take over the abandoned K + K Cash and Carry and turn it into something deserving of its unique location and old disheveled railway glamour.

Jumping swiftly ahead, a whole 15 months later, we can now let people know a wee bit more about what’s going on with the lovely, but decrepit old Levenshulme South Station. Phew, it’s been hard to keep a secret.

Phase One

We’re doing a big ole fix up, so we can eventually make it look sharp and get it ‘back on track’ (sorry) to its former Victorian glory.  We’re calling this ‘Phase One’ as it helps us to box off the mammoth (and really exciting) task we’ve undertaken. The start of the physical works to the site to secure it for its future use.

Builders are on site, replacing the roof and sorting out the dry rot. All is going well and on schedule, so long as the rain stays away, we’ll get the building watertight!

Needs some weatherproofing that, we’re in Manchester after all.