As a grassroots social enterprise, we’ve developed out of a desire to make the area we live a healthier and happier place for all. In the near future we’ll be reaching out to our neighbours to delve into the extended benefits our community interest company can bring to Levenshulme and beyond.

We’re working on a strong set of social aims which will guide our future business decisions and help us to stay connected to our neighbourhood and our community stakeholders.

We’ve got a very long list of ambitions and ideas we’re keen to take forward in the future, but for now here’s our three main aims;

The restoration of the Levenshulme South Station building and transformation of adjacent greenspace

  • Reversing the decline of the high street and supporting the regeneration of the area
  • Connecting the off-road cycling and walking route and wildlife corridor with the high street via a high quality greenspace
  • Long term access to a well-loved building of historical significance and preservation and celebration of the area’s heritage

Enable a positive cycling culture to develop by providing facilities for people who cycle and activities to support people to cycle

  • Improved facilities for those that cycle
  • Provision of a destination venue on the Fallowfield Loop
  • Overcoming barriers to cycling by creating welcoming and accessible events and activities to support people to cycle
  • Connecting cycle friendly organisations and businesses as a leading South Manchester cycle hub

Facilitate sustainable community business use of the building

  • Increase in local employment and co-working opportunities
  • The diversification of the local economy
  • The establishment of an ethical food, drink and retail business committed to environmental sustainability and investment in people
  • Increasing numbers of visitors from the surrounding area

We look forward to developing our network of community stakeholders to help achieve our aims. If you’re interested, stay in touch.