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We have our first Artvert campaign proper. And it’s a good one. Station South are delighted to host Rediscovering The Underbanks as our first collaboration of social advertising on Artvert. It’s a real box ticker for us and we’re buzzed to share more about their exciting project.

When Brands Align – A Heritage Hotspot Just Up The Road

Hop on the famous 192 (right outside our door) or take a ‘leisurely’ bike ride along the A6 from Levenshulme and you’ll quickly reach our other favourite local centre. Good old Stockport town! 

With all the charm and character that the place already offers, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a lot percolating in the Stopfordian centre that you’ll increasingly see turn into hotspots.

It’s worth taking note of what the place looks like now, mid transformation because very soon, it’ll be all change. A lot of repair, restore and repurpose is currently going on. A restoration journey, which as Station South well knows, is a long game kind of affair and we think the investment in heritage buildings is going to be brilliant for the area.

Like our project, we can see the results shaping the new Old Town. The effort, investment and wait to ensure it’s done sensitively and properly, connecting people to places, remembering unique local histories and driving new people to the area to enjoy the transformed buildings and the indie businesses that pop up and give them new life. Kindred spirits we think.

What’s Going On At The Underbanks? 

There’s a whole lot of hands-on work going on in Stockport to provide a much deserved cultural boost to the historical Underbanks area. Stockport as a place has been simmering up to a special kind of  ‘long game’ transformation for a while now. 

The feeling of change in the Old Town is particularly noticeable, with its surge in vibrant, independent retail, galleries and studios, the existing and proposed co-working offer and the emerging bars, restaurants and pubs galvanising the unique vibe of the higgledy piggledy spaces. 

The Heritage Lottery funded project sitting alongside other big regeneration and placemaking schemes and developments, you can start to see the ideas shared and co-discovered with local people in the recent past, are now shaping into reality.

These are just some of the things that have happened since the project began:   

  • Phase 2 of the public realm works are complete!
    • The carriageway has been relayed using heritage-style setts .
    • Heritage-style street lighting has been installed 
    • Heritage-style planters have been installed and will be maintained by local businesses 
    • New benches 
    • Extra cycle stands 
  • The restoration of 13 Little Underbank is complete!
    • The original stone shopfront has been reinstated Tenants Age UK and Del Barista Café will reopen.
    • The top floor will become co-working space

  • The restoration of Winters’ is underway!
    • The building will become a French Bistro 
    • The clock and figures are currently being restored and will chime once again (
  • 15 Lower Hillgate is being restored!
    • The shopfront is being restored using heritage photographs
    • Other exciting building restoration projects are lined-up for 2021

Events This Summer – Street Art Trail And  Heritage Open Day 2021

Make sure you catch some of the events scheduled in later int he year, part of the celebration of the restoration of the area. 

There will be a Street Art Trail around 4 street art sites in the Underbanks. The artwork will link to the history and heritage of the area and the installation takes place in Summer 2021. Date TBC.

The Underbanks is taking part in the national Heritage Open Day this September 11th 2021. More details will be revealed but  there will be a celebratory event in the Underbanks to promote its history and heritage with stalls, music and tours of the area. If you’re interested in getting involved or volunteering, get in touch with the Underbanks team!

Other Things Happening At The Underbanks You Should Know About

Through this five year heritage restoration project, working with traders, creatives and local people, new life is being breathed into Stockport’s historic heartland in the Underbanks. People will want to come and see it, learn about the Underbanks history and celebrate its bright future.  

Rediscovering The Underbanks – What’s There Now?

So if you fancy a short jaunt down the A6 and you haven’t been to Stockport in a while, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. New venues are popping up every week and the large, re-paved pedestrianised areas really lend themselves to the new ‘eating outside’ habit a lot of us have had to embrace recently due to lockdown restrictions.

Long may the continental Stockport vibes continue we say!

There’s too many new high street offerings to mention in one blog but here’s some of the cool things you can explore when you head over to rediscover The Underbanks this Summer and Autumn!  

Underbanks Studios has opened and is founded by four local female artists and designers. It’s a non-for-profit arts hub for artists and the community and  they will offer workshops, studio spaces, events, screen printing facilities and riso printing.  They’ve got a housewarming party this week in fact, get on down!

Top Of The Town is moving into Lower Hillgate – a vintage store owned by well known blogger Sophia Rosemary 

Ginkgo is also moving into Lower Hillgate – a health / eco lifestyle shop. Where The Light Gets In was awarded a Michelin Green Star for its sustainable culinary practices.

Old Town General Store is now six months old! The selection of candles and clothes are very discerning.

Rare Mags moved to a bigger unit in the Underbanks in September 2020.  They do a top espresso too. And that’s just for starters…

To keep up to date with events and activities happening at The Underbanks, make sure you follow underbanks_sk on Instagram and Twitter

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