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Welcome to the Station South Cycling Club! Our aim is to provide rides and adventures for every type of cyclist – whether you’re just starting out or wanting to find someone to hit the hills with [and everything in between]. Please take a look at the details below and we hope to ride with you soon! 

We are proudly affiliated with Cycling UK. The Club consists of three “colours” (Yellow, Blue, Pink) which help to label the types of rides offered. 

Learn + Progress + Play
Beginners and returners looking to build confidence, always under 10km.

Our cycling community


Chilled + Unpaced + Distance
Quiet and traffic-free routes from 10-80km.


Pace + Distance
Non-stopping rides from 50-200km, both road and gravel. 


The yellow group aims at being widely inclusive and focuses on learning, fun, play and families. Public rides are organised through EventBrite, but we also have a range of bespoke rides and activities tailored to suit different groups. 

Click here to follow our collection and stay in loop with the latest

Or alternatively, drop Anna a note at if you are a group or individual that would like to discuss a unique Yellow project.

The blue group contains rides or any length which are *unpaced* (the ride is at the pace of the slowest rider). These tend to aim towards greater use of quiet or traffic-free routes and potentially with frequent stops. 

Blue rides are also organised through EventBrite, click here to follow our collection and stay in the loop with the latest rides. 


The pink group runs rides in which we ride as a group (e.g. side-by-side on the road where possible) and at an advertised pace. Rides are typically faster than blue, but are still social and friendly (including coffee stops), and re-group at the top of hills. Off-road routes (gravel or MTB) are more technical than those used by the Blue. Riders are expected to be capable riders but aren’t expected to be experienced group-riders: we only require that you are willing to learn how to group-ride safely.

The majority of Pink rides are organised through Spond – you can join here. When we host our ‘All Colours’ ride events, Pink rides are organised through EventBrite

Community Cycling

Cycling extends far and wide beyond the club here at Station South. Find out more about all the ways we bring cycling to everyday people through our Cycle Café.

Our Cycling Community

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