6 Questions With Eddy from DR.ME – Art – Designed For Station South Series

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Very kindly, Eddy aka Mark Edwards and the ME in DR.ME agreed to create a cycling related artwork that we could print, share and offer up for sale for our Station South crowdfunder. We love the end results of his Designed For Station South artwork and the strong feminist message behind it. Thanks Eddy! Take a look the the result below and  grab one from our crowdfunding page!

Eddy From DR.ME

Eddy is part of  the very well respected and talented local duo. Ryan Doyle is the DR in the DR.ME and together they are producing some amazing works out of their studio in Islington Mill One of their most recent and enduring artistic slogs was creating a collage a day in their 365 Days of Collage project. Check out the video below of the cumulative results. Brilliant.



He’s part of a small group of great local artists who have shown much support for our little neighbourhood in Levenshulme and the big task of restoring an old railway building and a bit of Manchester’s history and are offering up their talents to make it happen!

Designed For Station South  – Crowdfunder Print – Tour

His A3 Riso Print entitled ‘Tour’ are available as a pledge reward at a bargain £25. Limited Edition A2 Gliceé Art Screen Prints are available on Request/Donation for £80

We asked Eddy a few quick-fire questions about creating artwork for Designed of Station South series and what he’s up to in art land:


1.When you were asked to do some art for the Station South crowdfunder, what were your first thoughts?
F**k yeah
2. What inspired your final work?
Women aren’t allowed to participate in the Tour De France (which is a nonsense) so we took an image of the hardest section ‘Col Du Tourmalet’
and added in an outsized hand with a lipstick ‘drawing the route’.
3. Do you love/loathe to cycle? Either way tell us more about how cycling makes you feel?
Love it, cycle every day pretty much more, Manchester is so flat that it’s easily the best way to get around the city.
4. What are you looking forward to most when visiting Levenshulme’s future destination cycle café?
Really love the idea of the viewing platform so you can sit and have a beer/coffee and watch people passing up and down the loop.
5. Any funny bike stories?
When I first got a bike in Manchester the seat was stolen and I couldn’t afford to replace it so for about 3 months cycled round with no
seat being very careful not to sit down.
6. Last but not least, what arty stuff have you got coming up next in Manchester?
Not much in Manchester, we have a solo DR.ME exhibition in Berlin and we’re part of a group show in Viborg in Denmark as well as
quite a lot of commercial work too!
Get your print here
Check our more of the duo’s work below.





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