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On the 26th April, the Station South building will be sold via online auction by our landlords. Firstly, this doesn’t affect the Station South that you know and love – our lease is for 25 years, and this protects the investments that we and you have made. We understand the concern that this sale would take Station South out of the hands of the local community, so we want to reassure you that we’re protected in a 5-year rent-free period. Our lease protects the investment Station South and supporters have made in terms of the potential for rent hikes after the rent-free period. 

The decision by  landowner Railway Paths (RPL) to sell the building is a shock to us and a disappointing one at that! During lease negotiations with RPL, Station South asked consistently about the potential purchase of the building. RPL insisted that the building could not be sold. Given the short timeframe, it’s not possible for Station South to buy the building We would very much like to see the building remain in community hands, further protecting what we’ve built together beyond the next 25 years.

We’re looking at ways to find  local investment to ensure the long-term benefit to the community that Station South has worked so hard to provide and continues to deliver. If you can help with this – contacts, cash or consultancy – do get in touch!

With the support of the local and extended community we have brought this building back from the brink, and will continue to protect the building and gardens for the next quarter of a century.  Here’s just a few things we’ve done recently, and have coming up over the summer:

  • Development to our outside area, including seating and continued landscaping
  • New solar lighting on the path connected to the Fallowfield Loop
  • Wildlife Hedge around the site planted with local schools
  • Regular learn to ride sessions and led rides and walks.

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