Station South Treasure Hunt – 6 Days Of Crowdfunder Reward Prizes In Levenshulme

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As a bit of fun on the final stretch of our crowdfunder (which as we type is at 77% of our target with 8 days to go!) and to help us spread the message around Levenshulme we’ve decided to do a Station South treasure hunt filled with crowdfunder rewards around Levenshulme! 

Over 6 days, we’ll have 6 daily clues of locations to take a selfie on our Facebook/Twitter and Instagram page and 6 lots of amazing prizes to be won in a prize draw.

Station South Treasure Hunt

The plan is that each morning we’ll post a clue to find the new selfie location in Levenshulme, where we’ve left our mark and want you take a photo and share with us. We want you to find the daily Station South hot spot, take a selfie/pic and tag us in our daily post. 

Like and share our post and you’ll be added to the daily prize draw. EASY PEASEY! 

Day 1 Clue 1: 
This crowdfunder has sent Station South banana’s!

Take shelter on your route to Stockport, maybe 3 will come along at the same time…

Also, here’s a picture clue of our first location to ease you in to the fun, go grab a selfie ( and a banana…) !




All our Levenshulme treasure hunters go into a ‘cycle helmet’ prize draw – announced at 9am live stream the next morning!


We’ll be giving away some of the crowdfunder exclusive rewards each day as a way to say thank you to all who have supported us locally. Make sure you get your camera out and like share our posts in the next few days! Here’s just some of the things you can snap up by taking part and spreading the crowdfunder news in our last full week of the campaign:

  • Opening Night Tickets
  • Cream Tea For 2
  • Heritage Merchandise Goody Bags
  • Chris Boardman, Beers And Bikes passes.


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