We Are Launching Our Social Advertising Board ‘Artvert’

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Yep, you heard it right. We have a BIG billboard and we know how to use it.

And we’re now taking bookings for our pre-launch and launch phase so we’re looking for like-minded brands, business and the next big event to do good advertising with.

Artvert – The Social Advertising Board – will support highly visible space for artists to display works alongside commercial advertising. 

The venture will also subsidise local cycling and art projects once the venue gets fully open later this year. 

The 96 page advertising billboard has been acquired from Primesight (now Global) as part of our long lease. We’re keen to integrate it into the overall (amazing, big vision) plans for the site as an asset of more than monetary value to us but something that could give something back to the people who see it day in and day out. 

A Prime Site – The A6 and The Fallowfield Loop

Now newly renovated and with double the capacity on the site, we’re taking bookings for the two giant promotional spaces – the back and the front.

“The front” dominates the famous A6 – with its 10 million a year annual bus passengers* and “the back” looks out onto the Fallowfield Loop and their extensive future outdoor social space -’Station Green’.

An artists impression of people enjoying Station Green at Station South

The Station South crew are lining up campaigns now for our pre-launch and launch phase and we’re looking for creative, progressive business owners and good brands with something of value to say, to book in bespoke campaigns and  support a socially-minded initiative beyond the printed poster itself.

Pauline Johnston, one of the Station South Directors said: 

“For the past 18 months, whilst phase 1 and 2 of the building works have been underway, we have been testing out the billboard, seeing how we can best use the asset for community benefit, trialing both commercial and non-profit advertising rates, with much success and many happy customers. 

As we move things up a notch in our final build phase for the cycle cafe, the time is right to put the call out to socially enterprising brands and businesses who want to add more social value for their advertising spend. Now is the time to get booking in a prime spot, in what we anticipate will be a busy first year for Station South when we finally fling open our door and garden spaces.” 

Mark Jermyn another of the Station South Directors who also goes by the moniker of Moderate Realism as an artist, has lent his creative flair to show what is possible on the board with a piece called, ORP3.1 

Moderate Realism


It will also be available as a limited edition print.

Jermyn says: 

“It’s always mega to display artwork but having it in a public domain and at such a massive size is really amazing.  When I saw the finished piece for the first time I was absolutely buzzing. This is a great way for us and commercial brands to work together to support the creative community here in Manchester and draw people to the area of Levenshulme too.”

Pauline adds. 

“If artists, creatives and brands have an interesting idea and want to collaborate we’re keen to hear your ideas. Nothing is off the billboard for us” 

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